Welcome to canopy park
Three acres of lush
paradise blooming between
beach & bay

Welcome to canopy park
Three acres of
lush paradise
blooming between
beach & bay

A verdant
return to
Miami’s origins

There is no ecosystem on Earth quite like Florida’s — the coast’s ancient mangroves and towering palms host myriad displays of colorful flowers fragrant botanicals. And at Five Park, it’s all right outside of your front door. Canopy Park serves to charm, regenerate, and catalyze personal and communal experiences while simultaneously honoring rich ecological origins of Miami Beach. A place of both congregation and contemplation, intended for young and old, the early riser and the night owl, the retail hunter and the naturalist.

Your backyard oasis

Miami has always been a colorful paradise, but it was once covered in orchids, with wild varieties blanketing trees and landscapes. Fortunately, Miami is becoming an orchid paradise once again, thanks to the combined efforts of the Million Orchid Project, the National Orchid Garden, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Together with students, volunteers, and local communities, these groups are propagating wild orchids to reintroduce vibrant biodiversity back to the Miami area and encouraging a public-driven conservation program to take root. Five Park — in partnership with Fairchild Tropical Garden — will plant over 600 orchids throughout the park grounds.

A green space to suit
every need

  1. 01 Botanic Grove

    Recharge in this peaceful sanctuary where Florida’s native trees and plants play host to curious creatures and residents alike.

  2. 02 Art Installation

    Snow White by Mark Handforth adds a little breath of art and culture in the lush surrounds

  3. 03 Monstrum Playground

    A one-of-a-kind children's play area featuring scalable sculptures

  4. 04 Outdoor Gym

    For those who prefer workouts in the great outdoors, a fitness focused zone offers a range of equipment integrated seamlessly into the environment.

  5. 05 Dog Park

    Four-legged friends will have their slice of heaven on the designated ovular lawn

  6. 06 Event lawn

    A spacious stretch of green intended for cultural gatherings, small picnics, and everything in between

  7. 07 Future Retail Pavilion

    A well-integrated retail location featuring the world’s best brands, just steps from home 

  8. 08 Bioswale "Dry River"

    Beautiful and functional — this planted channel helps divert stormwater from the bay

A place to stimulate the senses and
engage a growing imagination

With children’s needs also carefully considered, the Canopy Park hosts a MONSTRUM play area populated by contextual, climbable sculptures that both delight and amaze.